IJCAI - 07 Highlights

Theme: Artificial Intelligence and its Benefit to Society

IJCAI-07 in India
IJCAI (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) is the premier international gathering of AI researchers and practitioners. Held biennially in odd-numbered years since 1969, IJCAI is sponsored jointly by the International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), and leading national academic and research institutions of the hosting country.

The 20th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI - 07) is to be held in Hyderabad, India during January 6-12, 2007. IJCAI-07 aims at being an important scientific landmark in AI. The theme of the conference is "Artificial Intelligence and Its Benefits to Society", which will provide a special platform for experts in AI to discuss the relevance and applicability of AI to Society.


India's choice as a venue for the conference is a symbol of its growing recognition as a scientific and technological powerhouse and the significant strides the country has taken in areas like software, pharma, automobiles, and biotechnology. After five decades of research in the AI, IJCAI-07 aims at being an important scientific event to see how the field has a potential to benefit society.

Invited Speakers

IJCAI-07 is bringing together AI specialists, including the following distinguished experts to benefit the participants from research institutions, academics and industry:

  • Prof Raj Reddy, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    AI and Society
  • Alan Bundy, University of Edinburgh, UK
    Cooperating Reasoning Processes: More than just the Sum of their Parts
  • Peter Stone, University of Texas at Austin, USA
    Learning and Multiagent Reasoning for Autonomous Agents
  • Patrick Doherty, Linkoping University, Sweden
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research: Challenges and Prospects
  • Carole Goble, University of Manchester, UK
    The e-Scientist is the Semantic Web's Friend (or a Friend Of A Friend)
  • Ken Goldberg, University of California, Berkeley, USA
    Human Nature: Art with Robots, Automation, and Networks
  • Hideyuki Nakashima, Future University, Japan
    Cyber-Assisting Real World with Ambient Intelligence and Semantic Computing
  • Martha Pollack, University of Michigan, USA
    Intelligence Assistive Technology: The Present and the Future
  • Devika Subramanian, Rice University, USA
    Events, Patterns and Analysis: Forecasting International Conflict by Analyzing Wire News Stories
  • Ronald J. Brachman , Yahoo Research, USA
    Donald E. Walker Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Conference Programme Overview

The conference is being coordinated by Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, CSIC Spain, who is the Conference Chair. The Programme Committee under the Chairpersonship of Prof Manuela M Veloso, CMU, USA had invited technical papers that has resulted in 1365 authors submitting papers.

There will be oral and poster presentations to allow researchers to share their findings to the delegates working world-wide in areas including constraint satisfaction, earning, knowledge representation and reasoning, multi-agent systems, natural language processing, planning and scheduling, robotics, search, uncertainty, web/information retrieval/data mining. AI applications including Art, Music, Artificial Life, Philosophical foundations, Mathematical Foundations will also be covered.


20 Tutorials are planned from 6 to 8 Jan 2007. The tutorials are being conducted with a view to introduce novices to major topics of AI; introduce expert non-specialists to an AI sub-area; motivate and explain a topic of emerging importance for AI; survey a mature area of AI research and/or practice; provide instruction in established but specialized AI methodologies; present a novel synthesis combining distinct lines of AI work.

The tutorials are being coordinated by the Tutorial Chair Cynthia Lynn Breazeal, MIT, USA. The list of tutorials accepted for IJCAI-07 are given here.


25 Workshops that focus on new and emerging topics and applications have been short-listed to be conducted from 6 to 8 Jan 2007. Leading researchers from all over the world are expected to participate in these workshops and enrich the areas of AI and its applicability to society. The workshops are being coordinated by the Workshop Chair Carles Sierra, Spain. The list of workshops accepted for IJCAI-07 are given here.

Symposium on AI & Industry (SAII) & Exhibition

IJCAI-07 Conference Committee in collaboration with Computer Society of India 'Special Interest Group on AI' (CSISIGAI), is organizing on 10 Jan 2007 a symposium on AI in Industry at Hyderabad International Convention Centre(HICC) from 1000 to 1800hrs to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry with regard to use of AI techniques in practical applications. Participation is by Invitation only for Indian Industry and AI Specialists. Registered participants of IJCAI-07 are welcome to register free. There are only limited seats for IJCAI-07 participants. Please register by sending an e-mail to Dr M Sasikumar, SAII Convenor, C-DAC, Mumbai e-mail: sigai@cdacmumbai.in by 15 Dec 2006. Details of the Symposium will be available on our CSI website (http://sigai.cdacmumbai.in), shortly. An exhibition on AI Publications and Applications is also being held at HICC from 09 to 12 Jan 2007.

Robo Competition (IRoCha)

IIIT-Hyderabad is organizing a robotics competition to coincide with IJCAI 2007 at Robotics Research Center at IIITH on 8 Jan 2007. IRoCha is a contest that tests visual intelligence and mechanical ingenuity. The following two contests aims at the development of mobile robots that can effectively work in a wide variety of situations and environments.
i) Robo-safari - This helps the robot visually recognize the objects in its environment, and to localize its position.
ii) All terrain critter - The robot has to move on five different types of terrain. Robots will race along the circuit one at a time and will be given scores on the basis of their performance.
Visit http://www.iiit.net/IroCha/ger/contact.htm for more details and send your entries to irocha@iiit.ac.in. There are special incentives/ prizes for the winners and the winner product will be displayed in AI Exhibition at HICC.

ICON-2007: Special Co-located packages

For delegates attending International Conference on NLP from 4 to 6 Jan 2007, IJCAI-07 has offered a special package, where they can attend three associated pre-conference workshops and tutorials (in whatever combination), the opening inauguration and the first day of IJCAI-07 main conference (to be held at HICC) at HICC by paying only US$ 150 OR Rs.6,000 along with ICON-2007
Registration fee. For any clarification use, e-mail contact icon2007@iiit.ac.in. For more details please visit www.iiit.ac.in/icon2007. Apart from ICON-2007, similar package is also being offered to participants of 6th Annual Inter Research Institute Student Seminar in Computer Science (IRISS-2007) to be held on Jan 4-5,2007 (before IJCAI-07). For further details please contact Dr Suryakanth V Gangashetty at svg@iiit.ac.in. Workshop on Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML-W3C) at IIIT, Hyderabad on Jan 13-14 2007 (after IJCAI-07).For further details please contact Dr Kishore Prahallad at ssml-07@iiit.ac.in.

Local Arrangements

The Local Arrangements Committee of IJCAI-07 has been planning the event for the last two years with a team of over 100 researchers from India and abroad. Every effort is being made to ensure that IJCAI-07 attains the highest level of satisfaction for the participants coming to India from different parts of the world. The Co-Chairs of the Local Arrangements Committee are: Rajeev Sangal, Harish Mehta and Gen R.K. Bagga.