List of Papers

Paper Number Title Authors
225On the Logic of Normative SystemsThomas Ĺgotnes, Wiebe van der Hoek, Juan A. Rodríguez-Aguilar, Carles Sierra, Michael Wooldridge
233Quantified Coalition LogicThomas Ĺgotnes, Wiebe van der Hoek, Michael Wooldridge
223The Mathematical Morpho-Logical View on Reasoning about SpaceMarco Aiello, Brammert Ottens
972AWA* . A Window Constrained Anytime Heuristic Search AlgorithmSandip Aine, Partha P. Chakrabarti, Rajeev Kumar
546Detecting Stochastically Scheduled Activities in VideoMassimiliano Albanese, Vincenzo Moscato, Antonio Picariello, V.S. Subrahmanian, Octavian Udrea
448An Axiomatic Approach to Personalized Ranking SystemsAlon Altman, Moshe Tennenholtz
618Keep the Decision Tree and Estimate the Class Probabilities using its Decision BoundaryIsabelle Alvarez, Stephan Bernard, Guillaume Deffuant
480Solving POMDPs Using Quadratically Constrained Linear ProgramsChristopher Amato, Daniel S. Bernstein, Shlomo Zilberstein
1017Market Based Resource Allocation with Incomplete InformationBo An, Chunyan Miao, Zhiqi Shen
887Updates for Nonlinear DiscriminantsEdin Andelic, Martin Schafföner, Marcel Katz, Sven E. Krüger, Andreas Wendemuth
495The Logic Behind Weighted CSPCarlos Ansótegui, María Luisa Bonet, Jordi Levy, Felip Manyŕ
564Distributed Data Mining: Why Do More Than Aggregating ModelsMohamed Aoun-Allah, Guy Mineau
604An Information-Theoretic Analysis of Memory Bounds in a Distributed Resource Allocation MechanismRicardo M. Araujo, Luis C. Lamb
650A Description Logic of ChangeAlessandro Artale, Carsten Lutz, David Toman
1775Effective Control Knowledge Transfer Through Learning Skill and Representation HierarchiesMehran Asadi, Manfred Huber
594From Generic Knowledge to Specific Reasoning for Medical Image Interpretation using Graph based RepresentationsJamal Atif, Céline Hudelot, Geoffroy Fouquier, Isabelle Bloch, Elsa Angelini
227GUNSAT: A Greedy Local Search Algorithm for UnsatisfiabilityGilles Audemard, Laurent Simon
300Symmetry Breaking in Quantified Boolean FormulaeGilles Audemard, Saďd Jabbour, Lakhdar Saďs
296Image Modeling using Tree Structured Conditional Random FieldsPranjal Awasthi, Aakanksha Gagrani, Balaraman Ravindran
432Completing Description Logic Knowledge Bases using Formal Concept AnalysisFranz Baader, Bernhard Ganter, Baris Sertkaya, Ulrike Sattler
1159Stable Biclustering of Gene Expression Data with Nonnegative Matrix FactorizationsLiviu Badea, Doina Tilivea
298A Fully Connectionist Model Generator for Covered First-Order Logic ProgramsSebastian Bader, Pascal Hitzler, Steffen Hölldobler, Andreas Witzel
1506A Heuristic Search Approach to Planning with Temporally Extended PreferencesJorge A. Baier, Fahiem Bacchus, Sheila A. McIlraith
1398Determining Expert Profiles (With an Application to Expert Finding)Krisztian Balog, Maarten de Rijke
571Learning .Forgiving. Hash Functions: Algorithms & Large Scale TestsShumeet Baluja, Michele Covell
1462General Game Learning using Knowledge TransferBikramjit Banerjee, Peter Stone
647Open Information Extraction from the WebMichele Banko, Michael J. Cafarella, Stephen Soderland, Matt Broadhead, Oren Etzioni
1600Non-monotonic Temporal Logics for Goal SpecificationChitta Baral, Jicheng Zhao
1589Using the Probabilistic Logic Programming Language P-log for Causal and Counterfactual Reasoning and Non-Naive ConditioningChitta Baral, Matt Hunsaker
1354Computational Aspects of Analyzing Social Network DynamicsChris Barrett, Harry B. Hunt III, Madhav V. Marathe, S. S. Ravi, Daniel J. Rosenkrantz, Richard E. Stearns, Mayur Thakur
1291A Machine Learning Approach for Statistical Software TestingNicolas Baskiotis, Michčle Sebag, Marie-Claude Gaudel, Sandrine-Dominique Gouraud
276Learning by Analogy: A Classification Rule for Binary and Nominal DataSabri Bayoudh, Laurent Miclet, Arnaud Delhay
295Trust Based Recommender System for Semantic WebPunam Bedi, Harmeet Kaur, Sudeep Marwaha
442Visually Tracking Football Games Based on TV BroadcastsMichael Beetz, Suat Gedikli, Jan Bandouch, Bernhard Kirchlechner, Nico von Hoyningen-Huene, Alexander Perzylo
1531Interactive Clustering of Text Collections According to a User-Specified CriterionRon Bekkerman, Hema Raghavan, James Allan, Koji Eguchi
1429Web Page Clustering using Heuristic Search in the Web GraphRon Bekkerman, Shlomo Zilberstein, James Allan
1679Context-Driven PredictionsMarc G. Bellemare, Doina Precup
1452QCSP Made Practical by Virtue of Restricted QuantificationMarco Benedetti, Arnaud Lallouet, Jérémie Vautard
1529On the Compilation of Stratified Belief Bases under Linear and Possibilistic Logic PoliciesSalem Benferhat, Safa Yahi, Habiba Drias
139Waiting and Relocation Strategies in Online Stochastic Vehicle RoutingRussell Bent, Pascal Van Hentenryck
1355Learning Implied Global ConstraintsChristian Bessiere, Remi Coletta, Thierry Petit
1338Query-Driven Constraint AcquisitionChristian Bessiere, Remi Coletta, Barry O.Sullivan, Mathias Paulin
725Phonetic Models for Generating Spelling VariantsRahul Bhagat, Eduard Hovy
348Heuristic Selection of Actions in Multiagent Reinforcement LearningReinaldo A. C. Bianchi, Carlos H. C. Ribeiro, Anna H. R. Costa
1160Unsupervised Discretization Using Kernel Density EstimationMarenglen Biba, Floriana Esposito, Stefano Ferilli, Nicola Di Mauro, Teresa Maria Altomare Basile
1105A General Framework for Scheduling in a Stochastic EnvironmentJulien Bidot, Thierry Vidal, Philippe Laborie, John Christopher Beck
259Entailment Semantics for Rules with PrioritiesDavid Billington
1191Sequence Prediction Exploiting Similary InformationIstván Bíró, Zoltán Szamonek, Csaba Szepesvári
112Coalitions in Action LogicStefano Borgo
84Higher-Order Potentialities and their Reducers: A Philosophical Foundation Unifying Dynamic Modeling MethodsTibor Bosse, Jan Treur
755Fast Planning with Iterative MacrosAdi Botea, Martin Müller, Jonathan Schaeffer
809New Constraint Programming Approaches for the Computation of Leximin-Optimal Solutions in Constraint NetworksSylvain Bouveret, Michel Lema?tre
585A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Strictly Competitive Multiagent ScenariosFelix Brandt, Felix Fischer, Paul Harrenstein, Yoav Shoham
881Spiteful Bidding in Sealed-Bid AuctionsFelix Brandt, Tuomas Sandholm, Yoav Shoham
723Identifying Expressions of Opinion in ContextEric Breck, Yejin Choi, Claire Cardie
1168Mediating between Qualitative & Quantitative Representations for Task-Orientated Human-Robot InteractionMichael Brenner, Nick Hawes, John Kelleher, Jeremy Wyatt
438Contextual Default ReasoningGerhard Brewka, Floris Roelofsen, Luciano Serafini
1158Case-based Multilabel RankingKlaus Brinker, Eyke Hüllermeier
762Efficient and Robust Independence-Based Markov Network Structure DiscoveryFacundo Bromberg, Dimitris Margaritis
238Fast Image Alignment Using Anytime AlgorithmsRupert Brooks, Tal Arbel, Doina Precup
180Planning for Gene Regulatory Network InterventionDaniel Bryce, Seungchan Kim
---Cooperating Reasoning Processes: More than Just the Sum of Their PartsAlan Bundy
1445Exploiting Known Taxonomies in Learning Overlapping ConceptsLijuan Cai, Thomas Hofmann
141Locality Sensitive Discriminant AnalysisDeng Cai, Xiaofei He, Kun Zhou, Han , Bao
536EQL-Lite: Effective First-Order Query Processing in Description LogicsDiego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Domenico Lembo, Maurizio Lenzerini, Riccardo Rosati
1349Multi-Dimensional Bid Improvement Algorithm for Simultaneous AuctionsTeddy Candale, Sandip Sen
726Detect and Track Latent Factors with Online Nonnegative Matrix FactorizationBin Cao, Dou Shen, Jian-Tao Sun, Xuanhui Wang, Qiang Yang, Zheng Chen
1474Learning Semantic Descriptions of Web Information SourcesMark James Carman, Craig A. Knoblock
617Using Linear Programming for Bayesian Exploration in Markov Decision ProcessesPablo Samuel Castro, Doina Precup
621Bidding Languages and Winner Determination for Mixed Multi-unit Combinatorial AuctionsJesús Cerquides, Ulle Endriss, Andrea Giovannucci, Juan A. Rodríguez-Aguilar
1307Supervised Latent Semantic Indexing using Adaptive SprinklingSutanu Chakraborti, Rahman Mukras, Robert Lothian, Nirmalie Wiratunga, Stuart Watt, David Harper
345Coalitional Bargaining with Agent Type UncertaintyGeorgios Chalkiadakis, Craig Boutilier
681Learning to Walk through ImitationRawichote Chalodhorn, David B. Grimes, Keith Grochow, Rajesh P.N. Rao
1683An Improved Probabilistic Ant based Clustering for Distributed DatabasesRamachandran Chandrasekar, Thanukrishnan Srinivasan
776Compiling Bayesian Networks Using Variable EliminationMark Chavira, Adnan Darwiche
237Directed Graph EmbeddingMo Chen, Qiong Yang, Xiaoou Tang
1409Long-Distance Mutual Exclusion for Propositional PlanningYixin Chen, Zhao Xing, Weixiong Zhang
1471Iterated Weaker-than-Weak DominanceShih-Fen Cheng, Michael P. Wellman
411A Lattice-based Approach to Computing Warranted Beliefs in Skeptical Argumentation FrameworksCarlos Iván Chesńevar, Guillermo Ricardo Simari
544Reaching Envy-Free States in Distributed Negotiation SettingsYann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, Sylvia Estivie, Nicolas Maudet
497Privacy and Artificial Agents, or, Is Google Reading My Email?Samir Chopra, Laurence White
1247Representing Kriegspiel States with MetapositionsPaolo Ciancarini, Gian Piero Favini
1237Towards an Integration of Golog and PlanningJens Claßen, Patrick Eyerich, Gerhard Lakemeyer, Bernhard Nebel
1428Constructing Career Histories: A Case Study in Disentangling the ThreadsPaul R. Cohen
799Learning and Transferring Action SchemasPaul R. Cohen, Yu-Han Chang, Clayton T. Morrison, Carole Beal
353Incremental Mechanism DesignVincent Conitzer, Tuomas Sandholm
926A Framework for Decentralized Qualitative Model-Based DiagnosisLuca Console, Claudia Picardi, Daniele Theseider Duprč
1169Optimal Soft Arc ConsistencyMartin C. Cooper, Simon de Givry, Thomas Schiex
154Exploiting Independence in a Decentralised and Incremental Approach of DiagnosisMarie-Odile Cordier, Alban Grastien
592A Conceptual Graph approach for the generation of referring expressionsMadalina Croitoru, Kees Van Deemter
1261Online Learning and Exploiting Relational Models in Reinforcement LearningTom Croonenborghs, Jan Ramon, Hendrik Blockeel, Maurice Bruynooghe
936A Logical Framework for Modularity of OntologiesBernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks, Yevgeny Kazakov, Ulrike Sattler
1540When is Temporal Planning Really Temporal?William Cushing, Subbarao Kambhampati, Mausam, Daniel S. Weld
1523Permanents, Transport Polytopes and Positive Definite Kernels on HistogramsMarco Cuturi
1470Utile Distinctions for Relational Reinforcement LearningWilliam Dabney, Amy McGovern
1040Boosting Kernel Discriminant Analysis and Its Application on Tissue Classification of Gene Expression DataGuang Dai, Dit-Yan Yeung
1064Topological Value Iteration Algorithm for Markov Decision ProcessesPeng Dai, Judy Goldsmith
272Case Base Mining for Adaptation Knowledge AcquisitionMathieu d.Aquin, Fadi Badra, Sandrine Lafrogne, Jean Lieber, Amedeo Napoli, Laszlo Szathmary
1472Change of Representation for Statistical Relational LearningJesse Davis, Irene Ong, Jan Struyf, Elizabeth Burnside, David Page, V?tor Santos Costa
421Embedding Non-Ground Logic Programs into Autoepistemic Logic for Knowledge-Base CombinationJos de Bruijn, Thomas Eiter, Axel Polleres, Hans Tompits
450Automatic Synthesis of New Behaviors from a Library of Available BehaviorsGiuseppe De Giacomo, Sebastian Sardina
601Modeling When Connections Are the ProblemJohan de Kleer
641ProbLog: A Probabilistic Prolog and Its Application in Link DiscoveryLuc De Raedt, Angelika Kimmig, Hannu Toivonen
964Belief Change Based on Global MinimisationJames P. Delgrande, Jérôme Lang, Torsten Schaub
646A Ranking Approach to Pronoun ResolutionPascal Denis, Jason Baldridge
1469Pseudo-Aligned Multilingual CorporaFernando Diaz, Donald Metzler
744Learning Policies for Embodied Virtual Agents through DemonstrationJonathan Dinerstein, Parris K. Egbert, Dan Ventura
554Tractable Temporal ReasoningClare Dixon, Michael Fisher, Boris Konev
1370Planning with Goal Utility DependenciesMinh B. Do, J. Benton, Menkes van den Briel, Subbarao Kambhampati
167Chronicle Recognition Improvement using Temporal Focusing and HierarchizationChristophe Dousson, Pierre Le Maigat
1178Locating Complex Named Entities in Web TextDoug Downey, Matthew Broadhead, Oren Etzioni
1465Models of Searching and Browsing: Languages, Studies, and ApplicationDoug Downey, Susan Dumais, Eric Horvitz
1617Sharing the Road: Autonomous Vehicles Meet Human DriversKurt Dresner, Peter Stone
708Word Sense Disambiguation through Sememe LabelingXiangyu Duan, Jun Zhao, Bo Xu
675Learning Classifiers When the Training Data Is Not IIDMurat Dundar, Balaji Krishnapuram, Jinbo Bi, R. Bharat Rao
851Communicating Effectively in Resource-Constrained Multi-Agent SystemsPartha S. Dutta, Claudia V. Goldman, Nicholas R. Jennings
1075Kernel Carpentry for Online Regression using Randomly Varying Coefficient ModelNarayanan U. Edakunni, Stefan Schaal, Sethu Vijayakumar
1610Complexity Results for Checking Equivalence of Stratified Logic ProgramsThomas Eiter, Michael Fink, Hans Tompits, Stefan Woltran
1625On Reversing Actions: Algorithms and ComplexityThomas Eiter, Esra Erdem, Wolfgang Faber
951Case-Based Techniques Used for Dialogue Understanding and Planning in a Human-Robot Dialogue SystemKarolina Eliasson
485An Adaptive Context-based Algorithm for Term Weighting: Application to Single-Word Question AnsweringMarco Ernandes, Giovanni Angelini, Marco Gori, Leonardo Rigutini, Franco Scarselli
74Occam.s Razor Just Got SharperSaher Esmeir, Shaul Markovitch
1145Fault-Model-Based Test Generation for Embedded SoftwareMichael Esser, Peter Struss
142Semantic Precision and Recall for Ontology Alignment EvaluationJérôme Euzenat
712The Value of Observation for Monitoring Dynamic SystemsEyal Even-Dar, Sham M. Kakade, Yishay Mansour
488Operator Component Matrix Model for IMP Program DiagnosisZhao-Fu Fan, Yunfei Jiang
304On Valued Negation Normal Form FormulasHélčne Fargier, Pierre Marquis
403Dealing with Perception Errors in Multi-Robot System CoordinationAlessandro Farinelli, Daniele Nardi, Paul Scerri, Alberto Ingenito
1359Team Programming in Golog under Partial ObservabilityAlessandro Farinelli, Alberto Finzi, Thomas Lukasiewicz
1342Quantified Constraint Satisfaction Problems: From Relaxations to ExplanationsAlex Ferguson, Barry O.Sullivan
677A Decision-Theoretic Model of AssistanceAlan Fern, Sriraam Natarajan, Kshitij Judah, Prasad Tadepalli
956Sequence Labelling in Structured Domains with Hierarchical Recurrent Neural NetworksSantiago Fernández, Alex Graves, Jürgen Schmidhuber
507Transferring Learned Control-Knowledge between PlannersSusana Fernández, Ricardo Aler, Daniel Borrajo
1440A Logic Program Characterization of Causal TheoriesPaolo Ferraris
1449A New Perspective on Stable ModelsPaolo Ferraris, Joohyung Lee, Vladimir Lifschitz
1651WiFi-SLAM Using Gaussian Process Latent Variable ModelsBrian Ferris, Dieter Fox, Neil Lawrence
247Conflict-Based Diagnosis: Adding Uncertainty to Model-based DiagnosisIldikó Flesch, Peter Lucas, Theo van der Weide
466A New Approach for Stereo Matching in Autonomous Mobile Robot ApplicationsPasquale Foggia, Jean-Michel Jolion, Alessandro Limongiello, Mario Vento
1488Voronoi Random Fields: Extracting Topological Structure of Indoor Environments via Place LabelingStephen Friedman, Hanna Pasula, Dieter Fox
1193The Design of ESSENCE: A Constraint Language for Specifying Combinatorial ProblemsAlan M. Frisch, Matthew Grum, Chris Jefferson, Bernadette Mart?nez Hern?ndez, Ian Miguel
878Semi-Supervised Learning for Multi-Component Data ClassificationAkinori Fujino, Naonori Ueda, Kazumi Saito
90Predicting and Preventing Coordination Problems in Cooperative Q-learning SystemsNancy Fulda, Dan Ventura
1371Feature Selection and Kernel Design via Linear ProgrammingGlenn Fung, Romer Rosales, R. Bharat Rao
410Opinion Sentence Search Engine on Open-domain BlogOsamu Furuse, Nobuaki Hiroshima, Setsuo Yamada, Ryoji Kataoka
1106Computing Semantic Relatedness using Wikipedia-based Explicit Semantic AnalysisEvgeniy Gabrilovich, Shaul Markovitch
1241Learning Restart StrategiesMatteo Gagliolo, Jürgen Schmidhuber
645Incremental Construction of Structured Hidden Markov ModelsUgo Galassi, Attilio Giordana, Lorenza Saitta
875On Mining Closed Sets in Multi-Relational DataGemma C. Garriga, Roni Khardon, Luc De Raedt
1095Holonic Multiagent Multilevel Simulation: Application to Real-Time Pedestrian Simulation in Urban EnvironmentNicolas Gaud, Franck Gechter, Stéphane Galland, Abderrafiâa Koukam
841Coordination to Avoid Starvation of Bottleneck Agents in a Large Network SystemRajesh Gautam, Kazuo Miyashita
131Conflict-Driven Answer Set SolvingMartin Gebser, Benjamin Kaufmann, André Neumann, Torsten Schaub
1203On Natural Language Processing and Plan RecognitionChristopher W. Geib, Mark Steedman
567Ranking Alternatives on the Basis of Generic Constraints and Examples -- A Possibilistic ApproachRomain Gérard, Souhila Kaci, Henri Prade
1246Sellers Competing for Buyers in Online Markets: Reserve Prices, Shill Bids, and Auction FeesEnrico H. Gerding, Alex Rogers, Rajdeep K. Dash, Nicholas R. Jennings
1643Improving Embeddings by Flexible Exploitation of Side InformationAli Ghodsi, Dana Wilkinson, Finnegan Southey
1486Information-Theoretic Approaches to Branching in SearchAndrew Gilpin, Tuomas Sandholm
673State Similarity Based Approach for Improving Performance in RLSertan Girgin, Faruk Polat, Reda Alhajj
337Conjunctive Query Answering for the Description Logic SHIQBirte Glimm, Ian Horrocks, Carsten Lutz, Uli Sattler
1453From Sampling to Model CountingCarla P. Gomes, Joerg Hoffmann, Ashish Sabharwal, Bart Selman
243ItemRank: A Random-Walk Based Scoring Algorithm for Recommender EnginesMarco Gori, Augusto Pucci
923Complexity of Pure Equilibria in Bayesian GamesGeorg Gottlob, Gianluigi Greco, Toni Mancini
699Conditional Constraint Satisfaction: Logical Foundations and ComplexityGeorg Gottlob, Gianluigi Greco, Toni Mancini
1563Peripheral-Foveal Vision for Real-time Object Recognition and Tracking in VideoStephen Gould, Joakim Arfvidsson, Adrian Kaehler, Benjamin Sapp, Marius Messner, Gary Bradski, Paul Baumstarck, Sukwon Chung, Andrew Y. Ng
1340Generalized Interval Projection: A New Technique for Consistent Domain ExtensionCarlos Grandón, Gilles Chabert, Bertrand Neveu
1152Boosting a Complete Technique to Find MSS and MUS Thanks to a Local Search OracleÉric Grégoire, Bertrand Mazure, Cédric Piette
1593Decidable Reasoning in a Modified Situation CalculusYilan Gu, Mikhail Soutchanski
1658Optimistic Active-Learning using Mutual InformationYuhong Guo, Russ Greiner
1674A Dual-Pathway Neural Network Model of Control Relinquishment in Motor Skill LearningAshish Gupta, David C. Noelle
1109Using Ontologies and the Web to Learn Lexical SemanticsAarti Gupta, Tim Oates
1825Unsupervised Anomaly DetectionDavid Guthrie, Louise Guthrie, Ben Allison, Yorick Wilks
1356Continuous Time Associative Bandit ProblemsAndrás György, Levente Kocsis, Ivett Szabó, Csaba Szepesvári
1212Techniques for Efficient Interactive Configuration of Distribution NetworksTarik Hadzic, Andrzej Wasowski, Henrik R. Andersen
356Characterizing Solution Concepts in Games Using Knowledge-Based ProgramsJoseph Y. Halpern, Yoram Moses
355Characterizing the NP-PSPACE Gap in the Satisfiability Problem for Modal LogicJoseph Y. Halpern, Leandro Chaves Rego
1493Some Effects of a Reduced Relational Vocabulary on the Whodunit ProblemDaniel T. Halstead, Kenneth D. Forbus
264Revisiting Output Coding for Sequential Supervised LearningGuohua Hao, Alan Fern
1639Maximum Margin Coresets for Active and Noise Tolerant LearningSariel Har-Peled, Dan Roth, Dav Zimak
783Reducing Accidental Complexity in Planning ProblemsPatrik Haslum
1176An Analysis of the Use of Tags in a Blog Recommender SystemConor Hayes, Paolo Avesani, Sriharsha Veeramachaneni
833Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning as a Generative ModelJingrui He, Jaime Carbonell, Yan Liu
1345Distance Constraints in Constraint SatisfactionEmmanuel Hebrard, Barry O.Sullivan, Toby Walsh
313Hybrid Elections Broaden Complexity-Theoretic Resistance to ControlEdith Hemaspaandra, Lane A. Hemaspaandra, Jörg Rothe
324Real Boosting a la Carte with an Application to Boosting Oblique Decision TreeClaudia Henry, Richard Nock, Frank Nielsen
1042Counting Complexity of Propositional AbductionMiki Hermann, Reinhard Pichler
1018Improving LRTA*(k)Carlos Hernández, Pedro Meseguer
980Efficient Calculation of Personalized Document RankingsClaudia Hess, Klaus Stein
856Planning via Petri Net UnfoldingSarah Hickmott, Jussi Rintanen, Sylvie Thiébaux, Lang White
1662Self-Adjusting Ring Modules (SARMs) for Flexible Gait Pattern GenerationManfred Hild, Frank Pasemann
1766Analogical Learning in a Turn-Based Strategy GameThomas R. Hinrichs, Kenneth D. Forbus
541Detecting Changes in Unlabeled Data Streams using MartingaleShen-Shyang Ho, Harry Wechsler
185SAT Encodings of State-Space Reachability Problems in Numeric DomainsJörg Hoffmann, Carla Gomes, Bart Selman, Henry Kautz
1308Truthful Risk-Managed Combinatorial AuctionsAlan Holland, Barry O.Sullivan
32Adaptation of Organizational Models for Multi-Agent Systems based on Max Flow NetworksMark Hoogendoorn
1129Structure Inference for Bayesian Multisensory Perception and TrackingTimothy M. Hospedales, Joel J. Cartwright, Sethu Vijayakumar
1259Constraint Partitioning for Solving Planning Problems with TrajectoryConstraints and GoalPreferencesChih-Wei Hsu, Benjamin W. Wah, Ruoyun Huang, Yixin Chen
400Collaborative Inductive Logic Programming for Path PlanningJian Huang, Adrian R. Pearce
686Constructing New and Better Evaluation Measures for Machine LearningJin Huang, Charles X. Ling
406Extracting Chatbot Knowledge from Online Discussion ForumsJizhou Huang, Ming Zhou, Dan Yang
219Observation Reduction for Strong PlansWei Huang, Zhonghua Wen, Yunfei Jiang, Lihua Wu
409The Effect of Restarts on the Efficiency of Clause LearningJinbo Huang
1685An Action Description Language for Iterated Belief ChangeAaron Hunter, James P. Delgrande
1383Mechanism Design with Partial RevelationNathanaël Hyafil, Craig Boutilier
678Augmented Experiment: Participatory Design with Multiagent SimulationToru Ishida, Yuu Nakajima, Yohei Murakami, Hideyuki Nakanishi
1190Multi-issue Negotiation Protocol for Agents: Exploring Nonlinear Utility SpacesTakayuki Ito, Hiromitsu Hattori, Mark Klein
248Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model to Handle High Cardinality Attributes with Relevant Interactions in a Classification ProblemJorge Jambeiro Filho, Jacques Wainer
1780Improving Anytime Point-Based Value Iteration Using Principled Point SelectionsMichael R. James, Michael E. Samples, Dmitri A. Dolgov
104A Three-Stage Neural Model for Attribute Based Classification and Indexing of Fly AshesM.A. Jayaram, M.C. Nataraja, C.N. Ravikumar
1485Dynamic Heuristics for Backtrack Search on Tree-Decomposition of CSPsPhilippe Jégou, Samba Ndojh Ndiaye, Cyril Terrioux
191A Model for Collective Strategy Diffusion in Agent Social Law EvolutionYichuan Jiang, Toru Ishida
843Named Entity Translation with Web Mining and TransliterationLong Jiang, Ming Zhou, Lee-Feng Chien, Cheng Niu
830The Role of Macros in Tractable Planning over Causal GraphsAnders Jonsson
1369Fast Incremental Square Root Information SmoothingMichael Kaess, Ananth Ranganathan, Frank Dellaert
1584Improving Author Coreference by Resource-bounded Information Gathering from the WebPallika Kanani, Andrew McCallum, Chris Pal
695Selective Supervision: Guiding Supervised Learning with Decision-Theoretic Active LearningAshish Kapoor, Eric Horvitz, Sumit Basu
1366Exploiting Sensorimotor Coordination for Learning to Recognize ObjectsYohannes Kassahun, Mark Edgington, Jose de Gea, Frank Kirchner
1112Factored Planning using Decomposition TreesElena Kelareva, Olivier Buffet, Jinbo Huang, Sylvie Thiébaux
80Property Persistence in the Situation CalculusRyan F. Kelly, Adrian R. Pearce
284Computation of Initial Modes for K-modes Clustering Algorithm using Evidence AccumulationShehroz S. Khan, Shri Kant
635Symmetric Component CachingMatthew Kitching, Fahiem Bacchus
590Sequential Bundle-Bid Single-Sale Auction Algorithms for Decentralized ControlSven Koenig, Craig Tovey, Xiaoming Zheng, Ilgaz Sungur
1705Optimizing Classifier Performance in Word Sense Disambiguation by Redefining Sense ClassesUpali S. Kohomban, Wee Sun Lee
750Avoidance of Model Re-Induction in SVM-based Feature Selection for Text CategorizationAleksander Kolcz, Abdur Chowdhury
1210Building Portable Options: Skill Transfer in Reinforcement LearningGeorge Konidaris, Andrew Barto
140Recent Progress in Heuristic Search: A Case Study of the Four-Peg Towers of Hanoi ProblemRichard E. Korf, Ariel Felner
845A Factor Graph Model for Software Bug FindingTed Kremenek, Andrew Y. Ng, Dawson Engler
99Logistic Regression Models for a Fast CBIR Method Based on Feature SelectionRiadh Ksantini, Djemel Ziou, Bernard Colin, Francois Dubeau
663Fast (Incremental) Algorithms for Useful Classes of Simple Temporal Problems with PreferencesT. K. Satish Kumar
991Learning from the Report-writing Behavior of IndividualsMohit Kumar, Nikesh Garera, Alexander I. Rudnicky
163Optimal Multi-Sensor based Multi Target Detection by Moving Sensors to the Maximal Clique in a Covering GraphGanesh P. Kumar, K. Madhava Krishna
242Collapsed Variational Dirichlet Process Mixture ModelsKenichi Kurihara, Max Welling, Yee Whye Teh
449Handling Alternative Activities in Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling ProblemsJ?rgen Kuster, Jannach Dietmar, Gerhard Friedrich
753Marginalized Multi-Instance KernelsJames T. Kwok, Pak-Ming Cheung
205SegGen: A Genetic Algorithm for Linear Text SegmentationSylvain Lamprier, Tassadit Amghar, Bernard Levrat, Frederic Saubion
915r-grams: Relational GramsNiels Landwehr, Luc De Raedt
894Belief Update RevisitedJérôme Lang
948Vote and Aggregation in Combinatorial Domains with Structured PreferencesJérôme Lang
1110Winner Determination in Sequential Majority VotingJérôme Lang, Maria Silvia Pini, Francesca Rossi, K. Brent Venable, Toby Walsh
792Adaptive Genetic Algorithm with Mutation and Crossover MatricesNga Lam Law, Kwok Yip Szeto
904A Study of Residual Supports in Arc ConsistencyChristophe Lecoutre, Fred Hemery
898Nogood Recording from RestartsChristophe Lecoutre, Lakhdar Sais, S?bastien Tabary, Vincent Vidal
1153Dynamically Weighted Hidden Markov Model for Spam DeobfuscationSeunghak Lee, Iryoung Jeong, Seungjin Choi
693RoxyBot-06: An (SAA)2 TAC Travel AgentSeong Jae Lee, Amy Greenwald, Victor Naroditskiy
566Combining Topological and Directional Information for Spatial ReasoningSanjiang Li
891Generalized Additive Bayesian Network ClassifiersJianguo Li, Changshui Zhang, Tao Wang, Yimin Zhang
1100Generalizing the Bias Term of Support Vector MachinesWenye Li, Kwong-Sak Leung, Kin-Hong Lee
381Learning to Identify Unexpected Instances in the Test SetXiao-li Li, Bing Liu, See-Kiong Ng
114Robust Object Tracking with a Case-base Updating StrategyWenhui Liao, Yan Tong, Zhiwei Zhu, Qiang Ji
1735Training Conditional Random Fields using Virtual Evidence BoostingLin Liao, Tanzeem Choudhury, Dieter Fox, Henry Kautz
1141Arc Consistency during SearchChavalit Likitvivatanavong, Yuanlin Zhang, Scott Shannon, James Bowen, Eugene C. Freuder
1664Explanation-Based Feature ConstructionShiau Hong Lim, Li-Lun Wang, Gerald DeJong
1118Exploiting Inference Rules to Compute Lower Bounds for MAX-SAT SolvingHan Lin, Kaile Su
1170From Answer Set Logic Programming to Circumscription via Logic of GKFangzhen Lin, Yi Zhou
714Cluster-Based Selection of Statistical Answering StrategiesLucian Vlad Lita, Jaime Carbonell
718Bayesian Tensor Inference for Sketch-Based Facial Photo HallucinationWei Liu, Xiaoou Tang, Jianzhuang Liu
749Feature Mining and Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Steganalysis of LSB Matching Stegangoraphy in Grayscale ImagesQingzhong Liu, Andrew H. Sung
739Protein Quaternary Fold Recognition Using Conditional Graphical ModelsYan Liu, Jaime Carbonell, Vanathi Gopalakrishnan, Peter Weigele
1295Automatic Gait Optimization with Gaussian Process RegressionDaniel Lizotte, Tao Wang, Michael Bowling, Dale Schuurmans
461Automatic Verification of Knowledge and Time with NuSMVAlessio Lomuscio, Charles Pecheur, Franco Raimondi
1513Incremental Learning of Perceptual Categories for Open-Domain Sketch RecognitionAndrew Lovett, Morteza Dehghani, Kenneth Forbus
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57Expectation Failure as a Basis for Agent-Based Model Diagnosis and Mixed Initiative Model Adaptation during Anomalous Plan ExecutionAlice Mulvehill, Brett Benyo, Michael Cox, Renu Bostwick
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1136Multi-Agent System that Attains Longevity via DeathMegan Olsen, Hava Siegelmann
815Case-based Learning from Proactive CommunicationSanti Ontańón, Enric Plaza
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1088Dynamic Verification of Trust in Distributed Open SystemsNardine Osman, David Robertson
331Co-Localization from Labeled and Unlabeled Data Using Graph LaplacianJeffrey Junfeng Pan, Qiang Yang
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862PC-DPOP: A New Partial Centralization Algorithm for Distributed OptimizationAdrian Petcu, Boi Faltings, Roger Mailler
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305Information-Based AgencyCarles Sierra, John Debenham
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---Learning and Multiagent Reasoning for Autonomous AgentsPeter Stone
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1827Planning under Risk and Knightian UncertaintyFelipe W. Trevizan, Fábio G. Cozman, Leliane N. de Barros
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1062Correlation Clustering for Crosslingual Link DetectionJurgen Van Gael, Xiaojin Zhu
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1752Resource Constraints on Computation and Communication in the BrainSashank Varma
722Progression of Situation Calculus Action Theories with Incomplete InformationStavros Vassos, Hector Levesque
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1285An Experience on Reputation Models Interoperability Based on a Functional OntologyLaurent Vercouter, Sara J. Casare, Jaime S. Sichman, Anarosa A. F. Brand?o
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1388Generating Bayes-Nash Equilibria to Design Autonomous Trading AgentsIoannis A. Vetsikas, Nicholas R. Jennings, Bart Selman
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987All Common SubsequencesHui Wang
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1184Formal Trust Model for Multiagent SystemsYonghong Wang, Munindar P. Singh
1156Self-Adaptive Neural Networks Based on a Poisson Approach for Knowledge DiscoveryHaiying Wang, Huiru Zheng, Francisco Azuaje
1701Simple Training of Dependency Parsers via Structured BoostingQin Iris Wang, Dekang Lin, Dale Schuurmans
727Dynamic Mixture Models for Multiple Time-SeriesXing Wei, Jimeng Sun, Xuerui Wang
107Using Graph Algebra to Optimize Neighborhood for Isometric MappingGuihua Wen, Lijun Jiang, Nigel R. Shadbolt
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122Automatic Decision of Piano Fingering Based on a Hidden Markov ModelsYuichiro Yonebayashi, Hirokazu Kameoka, Shigeki Sagayama
724Using Learned Policies in Heuristic-Search PlanningSungWook Yoon, Alan Fern, Robert Givan
1430Ambiguous Part-of-Speech Tagging for Improving Accuracy and Domain Portability of syntactic parsersKazuhiro Yoshida, Yoshimasa Tsuruoka, Yusuke Miyao, Jun.ichi Tsujii
1375Lambda Depth-first Proof Number Search and its Application to GoKazuki Yoshizoe, Akihiro Kishimoto, Martin Müller
186Mean Shift as Half Quadratic Optimization: With Application to Sequential Mode SeekingXiaoTong Yuan
1026Managing Domain Knowledge and Multiple Models with BoostingPeng Zang, Charles Isbell
260Towards Runtime Behavior Adaptation for Embodied CharactersPeng Zang, Manish Mehta, Michael Mateas, Ashwin Ram
1097Concept Sampling: Towards Systematic Selection in Large-Scale Mixed Concepts in Machine LearningYi Zhang, Xiaoming Jin
262Epistemic Reasoning in Logic ProgramsYan Zhang
746Fast Algorithm for Connected Row Convex ConstraintsYuanlin Zhang
824Automatic Acquisition of Context-Specific Lexical ParaphrasesShiqi Zhao, Ting Liu, Xincheng Yuan, Sheng Li, Yu Zhang
820Learning Question Paraphrases for QA from Encarta LogsShiqi Zhao, Ming Zhou, Ting Liu
883Searching for Interacting FeaturesZheng Zhao, Huan Liu
1666Edge Partitioning in External-Memory Graph SearchRong Zhou, Eric A. Hansen
897Exploiting Image Contents in Web SearchZhi-Hua Zhou, Hong-Bin Dai
1504Learning User Clicks in Web SearchDing Zhou, Levent Bolelli, Jia Li, C. Lee Giles, Hongyuan Zha
1753Semantic Smoothing of Document Models for Agglomerative ClusteringXiaohua Zhou, Xiaodan Zhang, Xiaohua Hu
1547An Empirical Study of the Noise Impact on Cost-Sensitive LearningXingquan Zhu, Xindong Wu, Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Yong Shi
591Mining Complex Patterns across Sequences with Gap RequirementsXingquan Zhu, Xindong Wu
386Conflict Directed Backjumping for Max-CSPsRoie Zivan, Amnon Meisels
397Using Focal Point Learning to Improve Tactic Coordination in Human-Machine InteractionsInon Zuckerman, Sarit Kraus, Jeffrey S. Rosenschein