Workshop Programme & Final Schedule

The workshops will take place January 6-8, 2007. Detailed descriptions for each workshop can be found by following the links in the table below.

For details on location and rooms see Workshops at a Glance.

Please note that workshop registration is open to all.[]

Workshop Chair: Carles Sierra

ID Date TitleName of Primary contact
1W016&7 2 nd Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Ambient IntelligenceJ.C. Augusto
2W037&8Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Action, and ChangeMary Anne Williams
3W04 7 Semantic Web for Collaborative Knowledge AcquisitionVasant Honavar
4W057 Agent Organizations: Models and SimulationsVirginia Dignum
5W068 5thWorkshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue SystemsDavid Traum
6W078Analytics for Noisy Unstructured Text DataL. Venkata Subramaniam
7W086Knowledge and reasoning for answering questionsLeila Amgoud
8W096Cross lingual Information Access- Addressing the Information Need of Multilingual societiesVasudeva Varma
9W126Music-AIRafael Ramirez
10W137Text-mining&Link-AnalysisMarko Grobelnik
11W146Multimodal Information Retrieval and ApplicationsTanveer Syeda-Mahmood
12W158 International Workshop on Attention in Cognitive SystemsLucas Paletta
13W168 Artificial Intelligence for Space ApplicationsDaniela Girimonte
14W176 Evolutionary Models of CollaborationSrinath Srinivasa
15W188 3rd International Workshop on Neural-Symbolic Learning and ReasoningPascal Hitzler
16W196 AI for Human ComputingMaja Pantic
17W207 Modeling and Representation in computational semanticsGautam Sengupta
18W218 Shallow Parsing in South Asian LanguagesSushama Bendre
19W228 Knowledge Management and Organizational MemoriesRose Dieng, Nada Matta
20W238 Distributed constraint ReasoningAdrian Petcu
21W247Computational Models of Natural ArgumentChris Reed
22W257Complex Valued Neural Networks and Neuro-Computing: Novel Methods, Applications and Implementations.Garimella Rama Murthy
23W277 Multi Robotic Systems for Societal ApplicationsK. Madhava Krishna
24W286Spatial and Temporal ReasoningHans W. Guesguen
25W298AI in ICT for DevelopmentKentaro Toyama

R2 W05W15
R9W17 W06